How old must my child be to enter one of your programs?

Your child must be the age of their intended program by September 1st.

Does my child have to be potty trained?

Potty training requirements by program:

2-year-old program: Your child does not have to be potty trained
3-year-old program: Your child must be potty trained by September 1st
4-year-old program: Your child must be potty trained to enter this program

Does my child have to be vaccinated?

Yes. While we completely understand a family’s decision to not vaccinate, our school does require all students to be vaccinated. This matter has been given great reflection but ultimately, we have to consider the entirety of our student population.

Do you have snack time?

Yes! Our school provides the snack and juice. Sometimes our teachers get pretty creative with snack and it ties into our lesson for the day!

Are you a peanut-free school?

Yes. Our school is peanut free. Peanut products are prohibited.

My child receives early intervention, will your school be a good fit for him or her?

We are accustomed to working closely with various early intervention agencies, particularly the Bucks County Intermediate Unit. We are dedicated to understanding the needs of each child and we work with their service team to be as supportive as possible.

What sort of faith based activities do you offer?

Every day our children pray before snack. We often incorporate bible stories in lessons for the children, particularly in the 2 year old group. During our units of feelings, we teach the children that God formed us in His image and that each one of us is wonderfully made. At Christmas, our 4 year olds put on a production of the nativity. Our pastors also come and speak to the children about the meaning of Christmas, Palm Sunday, and Easter. We also sing songs praising the Lord during music class (of course, we have our traditional silly preschool songs as well). In addition to the holidays, our pastors often come and have fellowship with the children.

last updated on 9.14.2016